With Robert Baines
January 6, 2019 

In conjunction with the exhibition Jewelry: The Body Transformed, (on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art through February 24, 2019), Robert Baines, internationally renowned jeweler and scholar, will participate in a panel discussion on Sunday, January 6. The panel will explore historical stories behind jewelry, arguably the most personal and universal art form, and the multitude of sources where jewelers find inspiration to create their work. Baines will share his unique perspective on jewelry, from ancient to contemporary, including specific objects from The Met collection.

Sunday at The Met - Jewelry: The Body Transformed

Peter Bauhuis: Schoonhoven Prize

Congratulations to Peter Bauhuis upon receiving the Schoonhoven Silver Award 2018. The Schoonhoven prize is devoted to inspiring artists to explore the boundaries of their traditional art and craft. i.e. stimulating the exploration of new technologies and uses, and innovative art forms. Innovation, as envisioned in the Award’s present edition, would center on the rejuvenation of older, time-honored techniques, and on the preservation of an immaterial heritage by injecting dynamic new life.

An exhibition of all nominated works will be presented in a 3 month exhibition at the Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhaven and will then travel to several cities in Belgium and Germany.

Fake News and True Love: Fourteen Stories by Robert Baines

Museum of Arts and Design:
Oct. 16, 2018 - March 3, 2019

Fake News and True Love is a clever examination of jewelry as a document of popular cultural history. The artist's fanciful pieces and accompanying "evidence" encourage belief in the fourteen stories he presents. Baines has fabricated alternate realities that span from B.C.E. to the present day and encompass an equally wide range of topics, including migration, conspiracy, forgery, celebrity, and politics.

Fake News and True Love

Fuller Craft Museum

Uneasy Beauty: Discomfort in Contemporary Adornment
Oct. 6, 2018 - April 21, 2019

Including gallery artists: Georg Dobler, Bruce Metcalf, Jennifer Trask

Uneasy Beauty

Katonah Museum of Art

Outrageous Ornament: Extreme Jewelry in the 21st Century
Oct. 21, 2018 - Jan. 27, 2019

Including gallery artists: Robert Baines, Naama Bergman, Rian de Jong, Jennifer Trask

Outrageous Ornament

Just Arrived...

Arnoldsche Art Publishers Presents:

Inspired by the Arte Povera movement, jewellery artist Annamaria Zanella combines base materials with precious metals. The unmistakable blue pigment, produced according to a recipe from the fourteenth century, is just as important as plastic or corroded steel. Their interplay reveals the indwelling energy of the jewellery.

The pieces of the twice winner of the Herbert Hofmann Prize contain personal impressions and wearable references to nature surrounding her. The artist's living reality - and thus her oeuvre - also encompasses the political, the question of how we as a society want to live together.