RINGS! Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA Jun 5 – Jul 17, 2021


RINGS! offers a glimpse into the boundless creative freedom revealed within the ring form. This international selection brings together over one hundred rings that demonstrate the artists’ wide-ranging expressions through a variety of aesthetic and conceptual ideas. From the traditional techniques of metalsmithing to avant-garde materials and approaches, the rings on view will offer a new examination of the cultural, political, and personal meanings of the ring itself. Organized by Helen Drutt, researched by Elizabeth Essner with assistance from Colleen Terrell.  

Congratulations to all of the artists represented by Gallery Loupe whose work is being shown in the exhibition: Annamaria Zanella, Robert Baines, Peter Bauhuis, Biba Schutz, Barbara Seidenath, Georg Dobler, Kiff Slemmons, Sandra Enterline, Thomas Gentille, Caroline Gore, Margit Jäschke.