Wedding Kimono Brooch Blue


Valérie Hangel
Wedding kimono circa 1930, with four seasons decoration, Yuzen dyeing with glue reserve, embroidery on cream silk crepe, textile base vintage silk scarf by Yves Saint Laurent.

Valérie Hangel began her career in graphic and fashion design, before she began to work with textile jewellery. Her motifs on rare silks, framed in her own unique way, take her jewellery universe into unexpected pictorial dimensions. Fascinated by the ancient kimonos she fell in love with during her trips to Japan, Valérie began to add vintage luxury cravats and scarves to these compositions, finding more precious examples of textiles to feed her artistic explorations that are as subtle as they are daring.

This series of brooches sees the designer make her intentions clear, using improbable juxtapositions of textiles of different origins and cultures to disrupt the conventions which define an object’s value, and initiate a timeless aesthetic dialogue.

The square geometry of the brooch represents a picture’s frame. At its center, you find a stylized shape symbolizing the decors of boxes, fans, screens and seashells found on certain kimonos.

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Valerie Hangel