Kiff Slemmons: CODA Paper Art Exhibition Apeldoorn, NL Jun 5, 2021 – Jan 1, 2022


Every other year CODA Paper Art shows paper art ranging from small works of art, objects and jewelry to life-sized installations. While some artists highlight a social or current theme, others tell a (material) technical story with their work or highlight the craftsmanship of paper art. The exhibition shows how many different perspectives and dimensions there are in paper art, how boundaries are pushed and how new techniques and digitization are used by the makers to realize their work. There is also a renewed appreciation for nature as a source of inspiration and a number of artists respond with their work to current events and the large amount of images that come to us every day. The works of art in this exhibition were made by 49 artists, internationally. Kiff Slemmons’ works Papel Pistachio and Pochote Huipil are included in the exhibition. 

Captions for image: Kiff Slemmons, Papel Pistaschio, neckpiece, 2019, inked and cast paper, silver, leather, 20 x 6.4 x 0.5 inches (front); Kiff Slemmons, Pochote Huipil, neckpiece, 2010-2011, cotton agave handmade paper (rear)