Susanne Klemm / Frozen

Exhibition: Dec. 4 – Dec. 30, 2010
Artist Reception: Sat. Dec. 4, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Capsicum. Brooches, polyolefin, silver
Nest. Neckpiece, polyolefin, hidden pearl
Wrapped. Neckpiece, polyolefin, hidden wood, silver, steel

“Susanne Klemm regards nature as her inexhaustible source of inspiration and is moved to intervene in the endless rhythm of growth and decay to add a touch of immortality to the happenings.  The demiurge captures these moments using a fine plastic covering around objects such as fruit, twigs and flowers, freezing them in time and – paradoxically – thus bringing them to full bloom.  Susanne Klemm makes evanescence visible…where does nature end – where does art begin ? Or is the relationship the other way around…”

(Silvia Hugi, Switzerland 2008)

Opening Reception: Sat. Dec. 4, 2010, 7-9 pm

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