Robin Quigley / Remains

Exhibition: May. 20 – Jun. 13, 2010
Odd Pair. Brooch, 2010
Peek I. Brooch, 2010

Narrowing the gap between valued possessions and discarded objects is the focus of Robin Quigley’s latest series of work. REMAINS is an exploration of the unexpected effects that time can have on both the living and the inanimate objects that  surround us.  In this collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, the artist makes use of reclaimed materials including plastic, steel, rubber, wood, resin, glass – even animal bones.  It is through this diverse mix of media that Quigley creates her figurative tableaus and non-representational compositions. REMAINS is considered by the artist to be a natural outgrowth of her previous collection, which she called “FLASHBACK” – an investigation of memory and the passage of time. With REMAINS, Quigley shifts her focus to the present and contemplates what “remains”, both literally and figuratively.

Robin Quigley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Jewelry from the Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania. She received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. This began her long lasting  professional connection to the school which includes more than 25 years on its teaching faculty.  Quigley is currently a Professor and Head of RISD’s  Department of Jewelry and Metals.

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