Recontextualizing the Pearl in Contemporary Jewelry / Out of the Shell

Exhibition: Apr. 29 – Jun. 15, 2008
Artist Reception: Thu. May. 1, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Mari Ishikawa. In the Shade of the Tree. Brooch, 2007, sterling silver, 18k gold-plated, Akoya pearls
Ela Cindoruk. Brooch, newspaper, pearls, 18k gold
Helen Britton. Untitled 01. Brooch, sterling silver, South Sea pearls
Leonor Hipolito. Neckpiece, cotton gauze, freshwater pearls
Yevgeniya Kaganovich. Pearl Necklace XII. Neckpiece, potato pearls, silicone rubber, 14k white gold, silk cord

An exhibition of compelling and innovative works that represent seventeen distinct voices, from ten countries that playfully manipulate and intellectually re-interpret the concept of the pearl. Each artist was challenged to create jewelry that addresses the pearl from a historical, cultural or material perspective. The pearl could be expressed as decoration or subject matter to be deconstructed, subverted or celebrated. “By juxtaposing traditional and unconventional methods and materials, the artists re-defined the precious pearl and some questioned the value, cultural status and social function of jewelry in society. Whether inspired by nature, landscape, or the process of pearl production, the traditional pearl, as we had hoped, was freed from its shell” – Sherry Simms, Sayumi Yokouchi.

Participating Artists: Maru Almeida, Jamie Bennett, Helen Britton, Sofia Calderwood, Lin Cheung, Ela Cindoruk, Ramon Puig Cuyas, Karl Fritsch, Leonor Hipolito, Meiri Ishida, Mari Ishikawa, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Mikiko Minewaki, Julia Turner, Tarja Tuupanen, Norman Weber, Joe Wood, Curators: Sherry Simms & Sayumi Yokouchi

A full color catalog was published for this exhibition.

Artist Reception, May 1, 2008 7-9 pm.

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