Four Leading Israeli Artists / Crafting a Culture

Exhibition: Mar. 3 – Apr. 7, 2008
Artist Reception: Thu. Mar. 20, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Bianca Eshel-Gershuni. Brooch
Bianca Eshel-Gershuni. Brooch
Deganit Stern Schocken. Pendant, smashed cans, zircon
Vered Kaminski. Brooch, steel fence
Vered Kaminski. Trees. Brooch, sterling silver
Esther Knobel. The Mind in the Hand. Brooches

An exhibition of new work by four of Israel’s most prominent contemporary studio jewelers. This show was timed to coincide with WOMEN’S TALE’S, a traveling retrospective of work by the same Israeli artists hosted by the Newark Art Museum. Both of these shows impart to the viewer the spirit and soul that has come to characterize the Israeli contribution to the world of Contemporary Art Jewelry over the past four decades. Bianca Eshel Gershuni, Esther Knobel, Vered Kaminski and Deganit Stern Schocken are the featured artists of both exhibitions and have each played an important role in forging a unique Israeli identity in the Contemporary Jewelry movement.

Participating Artists: Bianca Eshel-Gershuni, Vered Kaminski, Esther Knobel, Deganit Stern Schocken

Artist Reception, March 20, 2008 7-9 pm.

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