One World | 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19

Sandra Enterline. Dark Infundibulum. Pendant, 2020, steel sterling silver, glass, stainless steel 2.5 x 1.75 x 1.75. x 20″L
Yutaka Minegishi. Mushroom House. Pendant, 2020, fossilized mammoth tusk
Vered Kaminski. Pendant, 2020, aluminum, silver chain, 115 x 65 x 3 mm
Naama Bergman. Pendant, 2020, Dead sea salt cube, 18k gold, cotton thread; Pendant, 2020, Dead sea salt cube, silver, paint, silk thread
Reiko Ishiyama. 1/20 million Meters Long. Pendant, 2020, sterling silver, cotton thread, 1 1/2″ D x 18 1/2 ” L
Rian de Jong. Hey Guys Shoot That Damn Thing. Pendant, 2020, cardboard, acrylic, coral, gold plated chain
Peter Bauhuis. You Are Here. Pendant, 2020, nylon, thread, 40 x 74 mm
Renzo Pasquale. Wounded Planet. Pendant, 2020, silver, wood, gold leaf, acrylic, enamel, 56 x 32 mm


E-book: OneWorld

One World / 40 Artists Respond to COVID-19

It is with pride and hope that Gallery Loupe presents One World: 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19, an online exhibition of pendants inspired by the current pandemic. Throughout history, jewelry has often served as touchstones for health and well-being, charms for good luck, or symbols of faith in a better future. The novel coronavirus, with its fearsome implications and daily inconveniences, has brought the international community to a standstill, confronting us all with a common peril, and thereby illustrating just how interconnected we truly are, and unified we must continually be, to fight this existential threat together.

All of the works in Gallery Loupe’s virtual exhibition will be priced at $750 or less, with most of the proceeds going to the artists to help them in their time of need. We hope you will enjoy One World: 40 Artists Respond to Covid-19, and that you find meaningful pieces to add to your jewelry collection.

All works are currently for sale, and will be shipped when the gallery reopens.

Please contact: Patti Bleicher at or 973 865 6194

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