Enamel Experience / International Badge Exhibition

Exhibition: Mar. 1 – Apr. 1, 2009
Bettina Dittlmann & Michael Jank. Badge: Fair Trade… Gold, copper, enamel, nickel silver
Robert Ebendorf. Badge: Coat of Arms. Plastic pearls, enamel, sterling silver
Kathleen Browne. Badge: Interrogation Expert Guantanamo Bay. Sterling silver, fine silver, copper, vitreous enamel
Rolf Lindner. Badge: Untitled. Enamel on steel, copper setting

The ENAMEL EXPERIENCE is an exhibition inspired by a collection of badges, medals and brooches that was acquired by The Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany from a small firm that produced them between 1901-1989. As a starting point for their work, each artist was given photographs of various categories of badges from this museum collection including military, commercial, cultural etc. They were then invited to create a group of their own work that is related to and inspired by the badges they were shown. The 24 participating artists are from Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.

Participating Artists: Maike Barteldres, UK/Germany Kathleen Browne, USA Helen Carnac, UK Linda Darty, USA Bettina Dittlmann, Germany Robert Ebendorf, USA Uta Feiler, Germany Michael Jank, Germany Gretchen Gross, USA Katy Hackney, UK Mark Hartung, USA Stephen Hoskins, UK Felix Lindner, Germany Rolf Lindner, Germany Joan Mackarell, UK Sarah Perkins, USA Wendy Ramshaw, UK Barbara Seidenath, USA/Germany Jane Short, UK Marjorie Simon, USA Elizabeth Turrell, UK Jessica Turrell, UK Claudia Westhaus, Germany Tamar de Vries Winter, UK                                                                                 Curator: Elizabeth Turrell

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