Kiff Slemmons

Tag, You're it!


2021, Softcover, 193 pages
Text in English

Price: $35

Tag, You’re it! is a book that accompanies the eponymous 2022 exhibition presented at The Jewelry Library by Gallery Loupe and The Jewelry Library.

First exhibited online in late 2020 through Gallery Loupe and The Jewelry Library as part of New York City Jewelry Week, Tag, You’re It! explores how jewelry both identifies us and draws together our diversities. Readymade key tags, which ordinarily serve as a mundane means of identification, have been transformed by over forty artists and jewelers into necklaces whose visual language ranges from highly refined to spontaneously gestural. When the necklaces are worn, they move with you, with their own soundtrack, urging you to dance—and when in the hand, they disclose beauty, humor, even wonder. All are part of the notion that it takes more than one to make one: the power of the fragment on its own and in its capacity as part of a whole.

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