Margit Jäschke



Text: Barbara Maas, Andreas Kühne, Christoph Sorger

2013, Hardcover, 128 pages

Text in German, English

Price: $ 45

The artist Margit Jaschke (b. Halle/Saale, 1962; lives and works in Halle) describes herself as a wanderer between the worlds of different arts. Defying the conventional bounds of installation, painting, sculpture, and jewelry design, she has created an entirely distinctive oeuvre with fascinating forms, deliberately blurring the distinction between wearable ornament and autonomous art. Details become meaningful, evoking a variety of associations in the beholder. The jewelry object reveals vistas of fantastic worlds and conjures up what had been forgotten.

“I often create my jewelry spontaneously, animated by the sensual qualities of materials and forms. What is important to me is authenticity, an aspiration I find my work lives up to when the finished piece is surrounded by an aura that exactly reflects the virtually ineffable moment of inspiration”. The present monograph is the first to introduce readers to margit Jaschke’s multifaceted oeuvre from the past two decades, which has won numerous awards. With essays by Susanne Altmann, Andreas Kuhne, and Barbara Maas.