Iris Bodemer

Rebus: Jewelry 1997 - 2003


Author: Marjan Unger

2014, Hardcover, 152 pages, 123 color illustrations

Text in English and German

Price: $65

Jewelry and drawings are central to Iris Bodemer’s creative designs. She experiments with a diverse range of materials, but her focus is not the value of the material but rather the possibilities for creative use and expression. Her artwork deals with the visual perception and the experience. Thoughts and ideas are manifested as tangible objects, captured most notably in her 2013 group of works; expressing creative freedom is particularly important.

Iris Bodemer brings colors and textures together to become one work, independent and unique; providing a reference point within a rapidly changing information-based modern society. She consciously refrains from commenting on her work, allowing her designs to make their own statement.

The artifacts in this collection are varied and present an overview of her work. They stand as reference points in our modern fluctuating information-based society.