Annamaria Zanella

The Poetry of Material / La Poesia della Materia


Author: Jorunn Veiteberg

2018, Hardcover, 160 pages

Text in English and Italian

Price: $65

A portrait of an eminent jewellery artist and her unique creations!

Inspired by the Arte Povera movement, the Italian jewellery artist Annamaria Zanella (b. 1966) uses base materials, which only gain meaning through their context. Corroded metal or found objects convey statements that can be both political and personal in nature. Zanella wants to bring the “soul” of the material to light through the work of her own hands.

The colour used is intended to evoke feelings and reactions. To this end Zanella studied the history of colours and their production, especially that of her unmistakable blue. She produced a blue pigment according to a recipe from the fourteenth century, invoking in its modern use pioneering artists such as Giotto, Wassily Kandinsky and Yves Klein.

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