Renzo Pasquale


Italian jeweler Renzo Pasquale is a sculptor of hard stones. He carves minerals such as black African granite, red Indian jasper, green chrysoprase, blue lapis, clear rock crystal, and turquoise, into cylinders, cones, cubes, or sheets, with mathematical precision. More recently Pasquale has added ceramic, titanium, Plexiglas, and acrylic enamel to his material repertoire. His aesthetic lies in Euclidian geometry, Palladian arches, and architectural detailing like windows and doors. Lyrically minimal goldsmithing transforms his sculptural shapes into elegant jewels.

Pasquale was born in Padova in 1947, where he originally studied science at Padova University of Biology, graduating in 1974. Turning to semi-precious stone-work, he taught in the Section of Metals and Design at Istituto Statale d’Arte “P. Selvatico” in Padova for 36 years, from 1971-2007. Among other significant jewelers, he taught the noted Annamaria Zanella, with whom he also shares his life. An extremely well-respected artist, Pasquale’s monograph, published in 2008, includes tributes by some of contemporary jewelry’s most lauded international practitioners such as Annamaria Zanella, Mario Pinton, Bruno Martinazzi, Helfried Kodré, Otto Künzli, and Peter Skubic, as well as important collector Dr. Karl Bollmann. In 1979 Pasquale was the recipient of the Edelsteinpreis from Odar-Oberstein – Germany’s premier center for stones. Pasquale has shown in numerous exhibitions world-wide, including Schmuck 2003 in Munich. His work is represented in the permanent collection of the Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim.      

Rings, 19k gold, lapis lazuli
Cilindri Liberi. Neckpiece, 2013, gold, silver, niello, titanium


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