Pedro Sequeira


Portuguese artist Pedro Sequeira divides his practice between painting and jewelry-making, believing that one informs the other. Having pursued a diverse arts education, he holds a Master’s Degree in drawing and printmaking from Porto University, Porto, Portugal; a degree in photography from Instituto Português de Fotographica, also in Porto; and a Diploma in jewelry from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Germany, where he studied under Otto Künzli. Although he is trained in the traditional techniques of gem-cutting and Japanese lacquer, Sequeira prefers to combine everyday materials, such as wood, hand ground stone pigment-paint, string, and acrylic, creating works which suggest simple, archaic gestures. Sequeira feels that jewelry is deeply rooted in the human imagination, stretching back to pre-historic times. Manifesting a decidedly anthropological bent, his works push back against current technological advances while commenting on, and seeking to renew, the place of jewelry in society
and its relationship to the world.
Sequeira has been the subject of several solo exhibitions in Portugal, the Netherlands, and Sweden. He was included in both SCHMUCK 2023 and SCHMUCK 2022, IHM, Munich, as well as group shows at Die Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne and Museum Villa Stuck in Munich; CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands; ETDM Applied Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia; Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany; and Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau.

Houses, neckpiece, oil paint on wood, cotton cord,8.6 x 4.7 x 2.9 inches, 2022
Houses, neckpiece: oil paint on wood, cotton cord, 7.08×2.75×3.93 inches, 2022
Bone resembling neckpiece, neckpiece: wood, cotton thread, 2023
Untitled, brooch: plastic, 3.14 inches, 2021
Untitled, neckpiece, wood, plaster, cotton thread, 2021
Untitled, brooch: plastic, 1.77 x 4.33 inches, 2021
Untitled, neckpiece: sorted varieties of wood, cotton cord, 19.29 inches, 2021
We carry weight, neckpiece, carved wood, cotton thread, 11.81 inches , 2023
Carved rings, various woods


50 Church St. Montclair,
NJ 07042 USA

The gallery will be closed April 13-21 in preparation for Keith Lewis The Saddest Aisle which will be held at the Jewelry Library.