Katja Schlegel


Architecture is German artist Katja Schlegel’s primary source of inspiration, although music, theatre, film, and art also fuel her creativity. She juxtaposes color, texture and dimension, working directly with her materials, rather than sketching  beforehand. Schlegel studied at Staaliche Berufsfachschule für Schmuck und Gerät and then went on to freelance and lecture in the field.  She has exhibited her work at home and abroad.  In 2002 Schlegel opened her own gallery, Schlegelschmuck,  in Munich where she continues to work and exhibit her work as well as that of other artists.

Quirl, Earrings, silver, left – achat, center – sapphire, right – spinel
Earrings, right – quartz, left – smokey quartz



50 Church St. Montclair,
NJ 07042 USA

Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 12-5 Other Days / Times by appt. Please note, the gallery will be closed July 20, 22, 23.