Florian Milker


German jeweler Florian Milker combines ancient symbolism with space-age dynamics,likening the pantheism of Greek mythology to our current superhero cult. In his powerful O series—begun as a diploma project in 2015 and currently revisited—the lone letter comprising the title represents both “ornament” and “origin,” both pressing concerns for Milker. Reminiscent of ritual masks, the pendants of the O series are made from nylon, Corian, polyurethane, and gold-plated polyamide, illustrating how Milker likewise considers mixture of materials a metaphor for cultural diversity.

In the equally compelling stainless steel P series, Milker uses paper airplanes as a trope for “curiosity” acting as a prime mover of the creative spirit. Speaking about the joy of making these functionally challenging toys as a child, Milker notes how artistry and patience allow one to even achieve flight.

After attending the FOS School for Arts and Design in Erfurt, Germany, Milker worked as a goldsmith. He graduated from Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany, where he studied with Daniel Kruger, remaining for an additional year as Kruger’s Master Student. Milker has been included in many group exhibitions, such as at the Academy of Arts, Beijing, China; Talente 2013, Munich, Germany; Craft & Bling Bling – Fake, Depot Basel, Basel, Switzerland; and Domestic Appeal, Part III, Chamber, New York. His work has been published in the hip jewelry magazine, Current Obsession; in 2015 he gave a talk, Future Jewellery Icons, at the prestigious Zimmerhof Jewelry Symposium. Milker received the Junge Talente Prize from BKV Gallery, Munich, in 2011, and Mari Funaki Award 2016, Melbourne, Australia.

P_2_ Pendant, 2017, stainless steel, Corian, 430 x 90 x 20 mm
O_1_8.1 Pendant, 2017, nylon, Corian, polyurethane, gold plated polyamid, 23 x 80 x 100 mm



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