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Dobler Neckpiece Acquired by Rotasa Trust

We are pleased to announce that an exquisite neckpiece by Georg Dobler has been acquired by The Rotasa Trust Collection in CA.  For those of you who were lucky enough to amble among the crowds of Schmuck ’13, you might have seen this piece featured in the “New Jewelry for the Gods” exhibition that took place at the Museum of Antiquities. Actually, it was the very piece chosen to announce the show. That’s how stunning it is…

Neckpiece made from Oxidized silver cast from hemlock, citrines.

Jennifer Trask’s “Volute”: A Special Commission

Once again, our fascination with Jennifer Trask’s talent comes to life…this time in a recently commissioned piece titled “Volute.” First — the monumental neckpiece — made of antler and 17th century frame. Then — the “landscape” – an organic, profuse composition of bone, antler, resin, wood, antique frame fragments and gold leaf – within which the neckpiece rests. Where one begins and the other ends is just one of the many wonders of this astonishing piece…
Some art collectors have all the luck …

BKMW Welcomes Laura Deakin

Gallery Loupe hosted Laura Deakin a few weeks ago…take a look at the photos from our exhibition and Laura’s talk at Brooklyn Metal Works. “My Press” an exhibition of Laura’s work is on view at Gallery Loupe through December 8th.
For more photos from both events see our Laura Deakin Album on Facebook.

“Laura Deakin: My Press”

Gallery Loupe is pleased to announce “My Press”, the latest body of work by Australian contemporary jeweler Laura Deakin. “My Press” and selected objects from Deakin’s other series can be seen at Gallery Loupe beginning Saturday, November 9 through December 8. An artist’s reception will be held on Sunday, November 10 from 2-4 p.m.

To preview Laura’s new work visit our Facebook page

Last Week to See Ruta Reifen’s “Sweet Islands”

Sweet Islands by Ruta Reifen

In this body of work created for Gallery Loupe, I go back to basics.

I close my eyes and dream of white clouds on beaches.

To give a sense of a suspended space for dwelling on romantic white beaches, I carved intricate flowery forms growing out of a flat clear outlined shape.

I create a bounded space symbolizing a micro-cosmos while the organic clusters are an eruption of beauty- Islands.

Painting white, erasing place and time allows these pieces to forever be anyone’s dream land.


Reifen’s “Sweet Islands” Installation at Gallery Loupe will be on view through September 3rd.

Klaus Burgel Teams Up With Pollack Fabrics

“Bling” by Pollack Fabrics and Klaus Burgel

“Calligraphy” by Pollack Fabrics and Klaus Burgel

“Skywriting” by Pollack Fabrics and Klaus Burgel

Launched in 1988 Pollack Fabrics has been at the forefront of textile designs for the last two and a half decades. Their most recent line, called the Makers Collection, was two year in the making but finally offers their clients a unique opportunity to accquire 13 fabrics designed by some of the most innovative artists working today.

Pollack Fabrics approached a glass blower, a ceramicist, a fashion designer, a jeweler and a furniture designer  to participate in this special project. Gallery Loupe artist Klaus Burgel, the jewelery artist of the group, created three distinct patterns, “Calligraphy”, “Skywriting”, and, most appropriatey, “Bling.”  One can clearly see Burgel’s “hand” in the “Calligraphy” pattern which is reminiscent of his “Loop” series of brooches.

For more information:

Doris Betz at Gallery Loupe

Gallery Loupe is pleased to present the work of German artist, Doris Betz.

Neckpiece. “Black Beauty”. Oxidized silver. Photo Credit: Bernhard Roth

Betz has an impressive list of achievements. Between 1990 and 1996, she studied under Hermann Jünger and Otto Künzli at the prestigious Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich.  Betz served as Professor Kunzli’s assistant from 2006-2009. While still in school, she won the coveted Herbert Hofmann Prize in 1995. In 2010 she was awarded the Bavarian State Award.

Betz’s work has been exhibited widely both in Europe and the United States. She has lectured extensively throughout the world as well. Her work is in the collections of the Danner Foundation, Neue Sammlung, Modern Pinakothek Munich, Germany, the Jewellery Museum, Pforzheim, Germany, the Stedeljik Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the Mint Museum of Art and Design in North Carolina, USA.

Brooch. Silver, lacquer. Photo Credit: Bernhard Roth


Earrings. Silver, lacquer. Photo Credit: Bernhard Roth

Trask Installation at Gallery Loupe

This summer visitors to Gallery Loupe will have the opportunity to view an installation of several works by artist Jennifer Trask.

Ossa Studies is a triptych that Trask  created over the past several years.  Each panel in the work represents an individual approach and examination of  ideas found in her larger pieces.

Queen Anne’s Lace Garland is composed of sewing needles, bone and graphite. Trask recalls, “One March three years ago, as snow melted I found  Queen Anne’s Lace frozen in various stages of the life cycle.  The structures appeared skeletal when dried.  I saved them by the hundreds, worked with them in encaustic paintings, and later on recreated them in bone.”   For the Gallery Loupe installation, Trask has taken this one step further, by highlighting the shadows  with graphite directly on the wall, allowing the piece to become even more dimensional.

Trask does not restrict herself — effortlessly moving from wearable to non-wearable, from the body to the wall.  Once again, demonstrating her remarkable versatility.

New work from Alexandra Bahlmann

New work from Alexandra Bahlmann that we brought home with us from Schmuck.  Bahlmann was also responsible for the incredible installation at Schmuck 2013.

Alexandra Bahlmann, Necklace. Oxidized silver, amazonite.

Alexandra Bahlmann, Necklace. Oxidized silver, smoky quartz, rose quartz, freshwater pearls, coral, pyrite, moonstone, carnelian, zircon, brown garnet, rhodochrosite.

New Work from Jennifer Trask

Is it a neck piece or a sculpture? According to artist Jennifer Trask, it is both.

This new work is made of “antlers, found and re-purposed bone and ivory pieces, along with freshly carved deer and cow bone, fish fin, deer teeth, resin and a few diamonds tucked here and there. The ‘vines’ are directional, implying a growth pattern, and literally wrap back around on themselves.”

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