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Three Gallery Loupe Artists in Munich Exhibition

Exhibition –‘The Lunatic Swing’, Kunstarkaden,Sparkassenstraße 3, 

Looking past the confines of a given space these six emerging contemporary jewelers exhibited their work on a transformed landscape. Stretching fabric tight over traditional forms the play of light swung a delirious dance. The artists involved are all alumni of Munich’s Academy of Fine Art having studied under Prof. Otto Künzli

The exhibition featured three of Gallery Loupe’s artists: Attai Chen, Laura Deakin, and Melanie Isverding. Attai will have his first US exhibition at Gallery Loupe this June, followed by Laura’s exhibition in fall and Melanie’s in 2014.

Shirly Bar Amotz Opening

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Shirly Bar Amotz! Take a look at the photos on our Facebook page from the opening and come see the show!! “Happy Days” will be on view through March 11th.

2013 Exhibition Schedule

Shirly Bar Amotz: “HAPPY DAYS”

February 13- March 11
Artist’s Reception: Sat. Feb. 16, 7-9 pm
92nd St. Y lecture: Wed. Feb. 13, 7 pm
Brooklyn Metal Works: Sund. Feb. 17, 6pm.

This exhibition is coming to Gallery Loupe from the Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts. Bar Amotz is the recipient of the 2012 “Andy Prize”.  The Andrea M. Bronfman Prize for the Arts was initiated in 2005 by Charles Bronfman for his wife, Andy. The “Andy Prize” is awarded annually to an Israeli decorative artist for excellence in ceramics, jewelry, textile, glass or fashion. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.  For more information on Bar Amotz check out our earlier blog post.

Deganit Stern-Schocken: “In The Air”

April 6 – April 30
Opening Reception: Sat. April 6, 7-9 pm

Attai Chen Exhibition Title: “Compounding Fractions”

June 1-26                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Opening Reception, Sat. June 1, 7-9 pm

Events at Brooklyn Metal Works will be held to coincide with Deganit’s and Attai’s shows. Stayed tuned for those dates.

The Opulent Project + Loupe Holiday Party

Meg Drinkwater and Erin Gardner of The Opulent Project will also be speaking about their work at the Brooklyn Metal Works
Friday evening, Dec. 7th at 7 pm.
Brooklyn Metal Works is located at 640 Dean Street  Brooklyn, NY 11238

To see more from The Opulent Project visit our Facebook page.

The Opulent Project is a conceptual jewelry and design studio based in Portland, Oregon. 
We investigate opulence within the context of our society’s obsession with owning objects. We seek to subvert mainstream preconceptions regarding value in material culture. To do so we are constantly questioning and considering where these ideologies originate and examining ways to intervene with the established visual language.

Meg Drinkwater and Erin Rose Gardner founded T.O.P. in 2007.


NEW DATE for Nicole Polentas SHOW AND TALK…

We have rescheduled the opening of the Psychomanteum show to November 17th. Don’t despair, Nicole will still be in attendance.

She will also be speaking at Brooklyn Metal Works on Friday Nov. 16th at 7 pm and not on Nov. 11th as originally planned.

Psychomanteum: Nicole Polentas

Psychomanteum: Nicole Polentas

Exhibition: Nov. 10 – Dec. 1

Artist Reception: Sat. Nov. 10, 7-9pm

Nicole Polentas currently resides in Australia, but her connection to her family’s origins in Crete are an important influence on her jewelry. An accomplished gold and silversmith, she draws on her Greek heritage for inspiration and for the unique manner in which she exhibits her current body of work – in a setting meant to depict the psychomanteum – the naturally occurring rockpools of myth where ancient Greeks would go to consult the oracles.

Polentas has created her personal psychomanteum using plinths to display her jewelry. The installation includes water in order to re-create the aquatic area where one could commune with the gods. The jewelry pieces themselves are fascinating and intricate constructions of metal wire and steel sheets, sterling silver, plastic and paint, ornamented with personal photographs and bits of traditional music from Crete known as riztitka. For the artist, the song fragments are a bridge to her sense of belonging to a place she is rooted but no longer lives – her past and present become connected in her very personal jewelry.

Nicole Polentas will speak at Brooklyn Metal Works on Sunday, Nov. 11 at 2pm.


A former student of the well-known Australian educator and artist, Robert Baines, Polentas is a Ph.D candidate in philosophy at RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), from which she also received her bachelor and masters’ degrees in fine arts. Polentas awards include the Australian Postgraduate Award, the Contemporary Wearables Biennial Jewellery Award, and the Diana Morgan Gold and Silversmithing First Prize. Her work is in the permanent collection of RMIT University, Melbourne; the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; and Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Queensland.

The Birthday Boys: A Peek Inside the Celebration

If you didn’t get a chance to see our most recent exhibition “The Birthday Boys: Thomas Gentille and Peter Skubic” (which closed October 30th), we wanted to give you a little taste of what you missed. We titled the show “Birthday Boys” because Gentille and Skubic share a birthday of August 11th and while one might think that the similarities between the two stop right there, that is simply not the case. Gentille’s and Skubic’s jewelry could not be richer for comparison. Gentille’s pieces are two-dimensional and three dimensional while Skubic’s are all three-dimensional. Both artists favor non-precious materials, Gentille makes his jewelry out of wood and eggshell, while Skubic favors steel and lacquer. While the work is very different from a visual standpoint, the artist’s are exploring the same themes: color, light, and form. Finally, in both cases the work can either be worn on the body or admired as small scale sculpture.

In addition to the jewelry, we showed Gentille’s recently completed film called “STAIRS” which is loosely based on a 33 page poem that centers on the Greek legend of Orpheus and Euridice titled “ORPHEKOS LURISTES” that the artist had written, over the course of three years, and finished in the Summer of 2011, just before the collapse of the World Trade Center. This film is available for sale. On view were also three non-wearable works by Gentille, a large abstract painting (“Untitled”, oil and marble dust on canvas) and two smaller works, one is mixed media on canvas and one, which Gentille also completed just prior to the show opening, is a flashe painting.  Skubic, in addition to a wall piece, provided us with two videos as well; the one that we are most fascinated by is a video that chronicles the implantation of a piece of steel into his left forearm which, upon removal seven years later, was incorporated into a ring. The other video is an interview with Peter during the opening of the exhibition “Radical. Peter Skubic – Jewelry” at the Die Neue Sammlung – International Design Museum, Munich (you may view this video on our Facebook page).

We are very happy to have exhibited the work of these two important contemporary jewelry artists. While the exhibition may have closed, please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about Gentille and Skubic.

Jewelry as Art – The work of Peter Skubic

We are so excited for the opening of The Birthday Boys next weekend. In the meantime, check-out this great video about the “rebellious jewelry” of Peter Skubic.

The Birthday Boys



MONTCLAIR, NJ – They celebrate their birthdays on the same day – August 11 and they share their celebrity status as important contemporary jewelry artists who have done pioneering work – one in the United States and one in Europe. Their work can be found in museum and private collections throughout the world. Gallery Loupe will present a first-ever joint exhibition of the work of Thomas Gentille and Peter Skubic from October 9-30, 2012 with the exhibition aptly titled, The Birthday Boys. The exhibition will include films created by both Gentille and Skubic. Both artists will be present for the opening night reception on Saturday evening, Oct. 13th.

In addition, Gentille and Skubic will speak at Brooklyn Metal Works on Sunday, October 21, at 4pm.

Thomas Gentille

Selections from Thomas Gentille’s newest body of work will be on display, highlighting his interest in art and architecture as well as the important role materials play in his jewelry. As Ursula Ilse-Neumann, Curator of Jewelry at the Museum of Arts & Design notes, “materials are important to him, deconstructing them to reveal their properties.”

Trained as an abstract painter, one can see in his jewelry the relationship to the work of other abstract artists. Gentille translates his background in painting, sculpture and architecture into jewelry using a wide variety of non-traditional materials. These include bronze, plastic, bone, aluminum, pumice, sawdust, paint, wood and eggshell. His unique eggshell technique allows him to create pieces that are bold, abstract and provocative.

Gentille celebrates his use of techniques and materials in an understated way, never letting the materials overwhelm the design. The backs of his pieces, are finished as meticulously as the fronts – an indication of his passion and desire for perfection. With over 50 years of jewelry-making behind him he is indeed one of the most important American studio artists working today.

Thomas Gentille was the first American honored as a Klassiker der Moderne at Schmuck 2006, the annual exhibition of jewelry in Munich and the second American to receive the prestigious Herbert Hoffman Prize. He was also the recipient of the Bavarian State Prize in 2004.

Peter Skubic

Austrian jeweler Peter Skubic has been a radical force in the world of contemporary jewelry for over 4 decades. With unrelenting enthusiasm he has explored the concept of visibility and invisibility throughout his career. Perhaps the most dramatic illustration of Skubic’s preoccupation with this idea was his early “performance,” documented on film, in which a piece of stainless steel was embedded subcutaneously in his left forearm for seven years. Once removed, this stainless plate was made visible for a brief time, only to be sealed away again in a specially crafted ring.

Other similar works followed this bold act eventually leading him to his current body of work using high gloss stainless steel plaques which are held in place by steel cables, creating mirror images. As Hartwig Knack, Curator, Kunsthalle Krems said of his work, “They reflect themselves in themselves and recreate themselves again.”

Classically trained as a goldsmith and silversmith, Skubic’s work is well planned with detailed sketches before he begins. These sketches can be thought of as analogous to a building’s blueprint. His sculptural pieces can be worn on the body or stand alone as works of art.

Throughout his celebrated career, Skubic has received numerous prestigious awards and recognition. His 2011 solo exhibition, Radical. Peter Skubic – Jewelry, at the Die Neue Sammlung – International Design Museum, Munich is testament to his place of paramount importance in the world of contemporary jewelry.

Nicole Polentas Coming to Loupe November 10th

Although it is still summer, here at Gallery Loupe we are already thinking about the fall. It’s not that we long for the cold but just that we are excited about our upcoming exhibitions. In particular we are looking forward to showing the work of the Melbourne based artist Nicole Polentas. Opening on November 10th, Psychomanteum will mark the debut of Polentas’ solo work at Gallery Loupe. We first showed Polentas’ work in March of 2011 as part of the Australian Jewelry Topos exhibition.

ισχύς, Hatt-ı Hümayun (brooch) 2011, Sterling silver, paint, photo, plastic, glass powder 95 x 130 x 69 mm

For those who are not familiar with the term, a psychomanteum is an area with “naturally occurring rock pools where people would go to consult the Oracles in Ancient Greece.” For this traveling exhibition, which was previously shown at the Counihan Gallery in Melbourne and at the Gaffa Gallery in Sydney, Polentas has build structures which resemble these rock pools on top of which she displays her jewelry.

The National Reconciliation and the Fool-Hero (neckpiece) 2011 Sterling silver, paint, photo/image, plastic, glass powder, 425 x 265 x 68 mm

Polentas’ work is not just personal but biographical. Hailing from Greece, Polentas’s jewelry “combines the use of personal photographs and excerpts from rizitika songs (traditional music from Crete) to explore how historical legacies relate to one’s ideas of place and belonging. These songs represent the connection between the objects and the artist’s heritage.

KLEPTOCRACY: Hooray to the Absurd (neckpiece) 2011 Sterling silver, paint, photo/image, plastic, glass powder 390 x 255 x 48 mm

Polentas has a very impressive CV, having received both her BFA and MFA at the prestigious RMIT, the artist is now  working towards her PhD and conducting research at the university. The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia recently acquired Polentas’  “The Anamorphosis of Rhea” necklace.

The Anamorphosis of Rhea, 2010-2011 Sterling silver, porcelain, coral, poly-putty. Photo: Jeremy Dillon

Psychomanteum will be on view from November 10- December 1, 2012 with a reception for the artist taking place on Saturday, November 10, 7-9 pm.

Installation shot

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