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Gallery Loupe to Exhibit at Collective.2

Who’s the FAIR-est of them all ?? Might very well be us, as we get set to participate in the 2nd edition of Collective Design Fair this coming May. Read about the fair and take a look at the Gallery Loupe exhibitor page for a sense of who & what we have in mind – Remember to check back for Collective2 updates in the coming months…

BKMW Welcomes Laura Deakin

Gallery Loupe hosted Laura Deakin a few weeks ago…take a look at the photos from our exhibition and Laura’s talk at Brooklyn Metal Works. “My Press” an exhibition of Laura’s work is on view at Gallery Loupe through December 8th.
For more photos from both events see our Laura Deakin Album on Facebook.

Gallery Loupe Goes to Amsterdam with the AJF

Two weeks ago Gallery Loupe joined the Art Jewelry Forum on a memorable trip to Amsterdam. During the course of our 4-day trip we visited Galerie Ra, Galerie Rob Koudijs, Galerie Marzee, Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, MMKA (Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem), SMS in Den Bosch (Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch), CODA Appeldorn, Ruudt Peters, Gijs Bakker, Ted Noten, The Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Take a look at our photo diary on Facebook.


AJF & Gallery Loupe Team Up for Book Signing

Gallery Loupe and Moss Bureau teamed up on Wednesday, September 25th to celebrate the book launch of “Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective” published by the Art Jewelry Forum and Lark. Damian Skinner and Susan Cummins discussed work by Warwick Freeman, Kiff Slemmons, and Dorothea Pruhl. A Book Signing followed. CJIP is available for purchase through Gallery Loupe.

To see more photos from the book signing visit our Facebook page.

The Mathilda Fund

Trask Installation at Gallery Loupe

This summer visitors to Gallery Loupe will have the opportunity to view an installation of several works by artist Jennifer Trask.

Ossa Studies is a triptych that Trask  created over the past several years.  Each panel in the work represents an individual approach and examination of  ideas found in her larger pieces.

Queen Anne’s Lace Garland is composed of sewing needles, bone and graphite. Trask recalls, “One March three years ago, as snow melted I found  Queen Anne’s Lace frozen in various stages of the life cycle.  The structures appeared skeletal when dried.  I saved them by the hundreds, worked with them in encaustic paintings, and later on recreated them in bone.”   For the Gallery Loupe installation, Trask has taken this one step further, by highlighting the shadows  with graphite directly on the wall, allowing the piece to become even more dimensional.

Trask does not restrict herself — effortlessly moving from wearable to non-wearable, from the body to the wall.  Once again, demonstrating her remarkable versatility.

Esther Knobel, Swimmers, Neckpiece, 2012, recycled tin can, paint

Esther Knobel’s “Swimmers” Neckpiece Acquired by the Newark Museum

Esther Knobel’s Swimmers neckpiece, 2012, is a continuation of the series Wreaths, Athletes, Warriors that she began in 1982. The bright and whimsical neckpiece, depicting synchronized swimmers in red bathing suits, was inspired by the 1930’s films of Hollywood director Busby Berkeley, who was famous for his choreographed scenes of synchronized swimmers, dancers, and acrobats. Of this series, Knobel has said  “I wanted to create a circle of motion consisting of a string of replicated figures.” The neckpiece, made of painted and decorated tin, presents these figures in motion.

Esther Knobel was born in Poland and immigrated to Israel at the age of two. She studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree from The Royal College of Art in London. Knobel has received numerous awards including the Israel Ministry Prize in Art and Design, and the Netherlands’ Francoise van den Bosch Prize. Her work can be seen in museum collections worldwide, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX; National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh; Museum of Arts and Design, New York City; Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Knobel was chosen by an international panel of judges to receive the “2008 Andy Prize” – awarded to an outstanding Israeli artist in ceramics, jewelry, textile or glass. Her work recently traveled throughout the U.S. as part of the exhibition: “Women’s Tales: Four Leading Israeli Jewelers.” Knobel lives and works in Tel Aviv.

The Opulent Project’s “Digital Ring” Acquired by the Newark Museum

The Opulent Project’s “Digital Ring,” 2011, was recently acquired by the Newark Museum. The ring is based on designs of three different 3-D digital ring models.

The Opulent Project, "Digital Ring", 2011

“Many of the digital files are interesting because they often display an almost comical disregard for the making process.  Because they exist in the digital domain they can do so with no structural integrity. For instance, some rings have no prongs to hold the stone in place—the base of the stone seems to just merge into the ring band with none of the traditional mechanisms related to function. A diamond might be crammed right through the band with the sharp point extending well into where the finger should go.  They demonstrate the most archetypal concept of what the object is by including only those visual indicators that are immediately associated with a ring. In this way they become symbols for what they mimic.  By combining these three symbolic images into one ring we further emphasize the caricature of what this object is in our collective mind.” The “Digital Ring” is part of an ongoing series called “Costume Costume” which was started in 2008.”

The Opulent Project (T.O.P) was founded by Meg Drinkwater and Erin Gardner in 2007. The following year they moved to Portland and established T.O.P. Studio in Old Town Chinatown. The Opulent Project is a conceptual jewelry and design studio based in Portland, Oregon. They investigate opulence within the context of our society’s obsession with owning objects. They seek to subvert mainstream preconceptions regarding value in material culture. To do so they are constantly questioning and considering where these ideologies originate and examining ways to intervene with the established visual language.

Gallery Loupe + Montclair Film Fesival

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that get to play dress-up on Oscar night! Gallery Loupe is bringing the bling to the Montclair Film Festival’s Oscar Eve Party taking place on Saturday, February 23rd.
We are delighted that the Festival’s Benefit Committee has asked Gallery Loupe to lend them some “monumental jewelry.” The committee has selected to wear pieces by Joan Parcher, Marjorie Simon, Seung-Hea Lee, Georg Dobler, and Barbara Seidenath amongst others.

To view photos of the committee selecting jewelry at Gallery Loupe, visit our Facebook page.
We will post photos from the red carpet next week!

2013 Exhibition Schedule

Shirly Bar Amotz: “HAPPY DAYS”

February 13- March 11
Artist’s Reception: Sat. Feb. 16, 7-9 pm
92nd St. Y lecture: Wed. Feb. 13, 7 pm
Brooklyn Metal Works: Sund. Feb. 17, 6pm.

This exhibition is coming to Gallery Loupe from the Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts. Bar Amotz is the recipient of the 2012 “Andy Prize”.  The Andrea M. Bronfman Prize for the Arts was initiated in 2005 by Charles Bronfman for his wife, Andy. The “Andy Prize” is awarded annually to an Israeli decorative artist for excellence in ceramics, jewelry, textile, glass or fashion. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.  For more information on Bar Amotz check out our earlier blog post.

Deganit Stern-Schocken: “In The Air”

April 6 – April 30
Opening Reception: Sat. April 6, 7-9 pm

Attai Chen Exhibition Title: “Compounding Fractions”

June 1-26                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Opening Reception, Sat. June 1, 7-9 pm

Events at Brooklyn Metal Works will be held to coincide with Deganit’s and Attai’s shows. Stayed tuned for those dates.

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