Trask Installation at Gallery Loupe

This summer visitors to Gallery Loupe will have the opportunity to view an installation of several works by artist Jennifer Trask.

Ossa Studies is a triptych that Trask  created over the past several years.  Each panel in the work represents an individual approach and examination of  ideas found in her larger pieces.

Queen Anne’s Lace Garland is composed of sewing needles, bone and graphite. Trask recalls, “One March three years ago, as snow melted I found  Queen Anne’s Lace frozen in various stages of the life cycle.  The structures appeared skeletal when dried.  I saved them by the hundreds, worked with them in encaustic paintings, and later on recreated them in bone.”   For the Gallery Loupe installation, Trask has taken this one step further, by highlighting the shadows  with graphite directly on the wall, allowing the piece to become even more dimensional.

Trask does not restrict herself — effortlessly moving from wearable to non-wearable, from the body to the wall.  Once again, demonstrating her remarkable versatility.